27 september 2017

FOMO Gellerup


Jag deltar i den här utställningen i Århus i Danmark! 
I am in this show in the city of Aarhus, Denmark!

An empty apartment block in Gellerup in the western part of Aarhus will for a while be filled with crafts and design. Asger Jorn's last meal will be recreated in clay, a declaration of love to loom will fill another apartment, a third will be filled with a multitude of different cups and in yet another apartment a dinner will be made, where all the dinner service is made from local clay and the food is shot and found in nearby areas - in short, ten empty apartments will be filled with crafts and design in all formats. 

The exhibition project is called FOMO and is playing on the ever-growing feeling most of us have of always missing out on something. It is a feeling that grows with the steady stream of news from social media about others whereabouts. The FOMO exhibitions are in a peculiar setting and for a limited time, so also you have to be quick not to miss it. A professional craftsperson, artist or designer is the curator of each of the 10 apartment and in total there will be more than 120 professional exhibitors. 

Curators at FOMO: Louise Gaarmann, Helene Vonsild, Rikke Stenholt, Trine Bach, Helle Bovbjerg, Marianne Steenholdt Bork, Mette Maya Gregersen, Helle Bjerregaard, Julie Bach og Anne Mette Larsen. FOMO is organized by the Danish Crafts & Design Association, Central Denmark Region. (DKoD, Central Denmark Region) In addition to this project we also organize an exhibition project in Holstebro, the virtual exhibition JOMO and the exhibition Table for Two at the Town Hall in Aarhus. 

FOMO 2017, supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, KAP Aarhus, Beckett Fonden, Holstebro Kommune, L. F. Foghts Fond, Kvadrat and DKoD

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